Vaporesso Zero Pod Kit: A smoke-free life from Zero

By | 2020-11-26
Vaporesso Zero Pod Kit

It is the Zero Pod Kit launched by Vaporesso’s Renova.
Needless to say, the quality part, from the included oil bottle, charging cable, and magazine, the mouth fits the lip shape, the body is polished to the painting, everything can be seen by the manufacturer’s intentions, I believe it will be Zero Players can clearly feel it. The magazine is made of PCTG (copolyester). After researching on the Internet, I learned that this is a decomposable plastic material without added plasticizer. It is quite commonly used in medical and food containers. This part has to be said for Vaporesso. Like’, the durability of the temperature control chip and ceramic core also fully reflects the quality of the materials. The highest record I have heard is 15 bins. This number makes me wonder if Vaporesso does not plan to earn money from subsequent consumables Revenue.

The analysis surface is actually the atomization structure alone. The atomization space or intake form of various small cigarettes is limited by the volume, and the difference is not very big. However, Zero uses three intensities to distinguish the output, so the player According to the different concentration or tonality of oil products, you can choose by yourself and get the most appropriate experience.

The structural surface can be analyzed from two parts: oil injection and stability. Zero uses the PTF (Press to Fill) oil injection method to resist the oil circuit with a stretchable spring. When the oil bottle is pressed against the external oil injection channel and presses down, The internal oil filling hole will appear, so there is no need to worry about oil leakage, and there will be no children or possible eating problems. The most likely cause of failure in the pod is the condensation flowing into the interior. The air holes on the Zero host end and the magazine end are not in the same straight line. At the same time, the outer peripheries of the two parts of the air holes are raised, and the electrode terminals are also slightly higher than the air holes. If condensation occurs, it will temporarily accumulate below and will not directly affect the board.

Vaporesso Zero Pod Kit
The contents are Zero body, 10ml oil bottle, Micro USB charging cable, multi-language manual and warranty card in Chinese.

Zero also comes with an empty 10ml oil bottle. There is also a schematic diagram of Zero filling on the bottle. The attached USB charging cable can be said to be the most attractive of the devices I have played. The braided cable and the spring protection of the port , Renova on the USB Port

Vaporesso Zero Pod Kit

A protective sticker is affixed to the bottom of the cartridge. The magnetic cartridge has an asymmetrical arrangement of magnets, which can improve a little firmness. The curved joint surface can also prevent it from being caused by lateral force. The magazine detached.
There are two air intake holes on the host side. The magazine has a single bottom air intake. The outer periphery of the air holes is designed to be raised. If condensate flows out from the magazine, it can avoid the tragedy of flowing into the interior immediately. Regarding the stomata, the reliability in this part is very good.
In the photo, the leftmost side of the magazine is the oil injection hole. The structure of this kind of retractable spring is easier to see on the atomizer. The oil injection hole also has a bowl-shaped shape to prevent the smoke liquid from spreading directly to the magnet and pole aside during oil injection.

Vaporesso Zero Pod Kit

The transparent black magazine has a capacity of 2ml, and the bottom is printed with the word Zero. A 1 ohm ceramic core is used to coat cotton to help guide the oil. The thickness at the mouth is reduced, and the lip feels good when the upper end is held. O-Ring is set at the flue outlet and the inner oil guide hole, which also improves the performance of preventing oil leakage.
The flue is an anti-condensation structure with a narrow bottom and a wide top, coupled with the direct intake of the bottom, which makes the Zero, which is a small smoke, more three-dimensional in analysis.

311480mm, it is very similar to the previous U disk, but uses a large number of rounded arcs to make the style much younger, and the narrow side is made of metal material that is different from the body color and material to increase variability, whether it is a hole or The polishing at all corners is in place.
I chose pure white and Arctic Blue, which is like Tiffany Blue. They are also my favorite colors. You can simply wipe the paint surface to avoid the obvious stains that are most feared by pure white. Arctic blue is It will bring out all kinds of colors from lake blue to grass green under different light and shadow check it.
Zero, which automatically detects air intake firing, can still perform basic function control. The black buttons below are the indicator lights and operation keys. Press three times to switch the output intensity, five times to switch the machine, click or use, it will display Current output intensity and power: green (12.5W\70% or more power), blue (10.5W\30-70% power), red (9W\30% power), with 650mAh battery life and one storage per day In terms of the situation, it is very sufficient for the power consumption in a single day.