VapeFly Holic MTL RDA: See the glory of the Milky Way again

By | 2020-11-25
VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

With extremely high degree of freedom of drag adjustment, ultra-easy wire frame, and basically leak-proof and anti-condensation side air intake system, Galaxies, which was launched in early 2018, has always been my favorite RDA, and it is also one of the lists I often recommend to friends.
Holic is designed by Vapefly in collaboration with Japanese reviewer Horick TV, and he is a fan of the Galaxies series, so if I were to briefly describe

Holic, I would say that it is an evolution of the series, and many familiar ones can be seen on it. Shadow: It still has a very high degree of freedom to adjust the suction resistance, but the three-way internal air intake can be more easily controlled by nails to control the horizontal side air intake. Just rotate the outer cover to have six-stage external air intake changes; still frame The wire is super simple, the base is equipped with a groove for the winding rod to be placed, gently put the coil into the lock wire hole with angle and step difference and fix the wire feet, you can grab the ideal height of the original design; two-section type The dome of the atomization chamber further concentrates the flue gas and the recovery condensation, the oil storage space below is quite deep, and the simple cake ring is also intimately placed to reduce heat conduction and condensation accumulation on the contact surface of the atomizer and the host. This is Holic, which is more thoughtful. A more mature and refined RDA.

It has to be said that this improved structural surface perfectly expands its field, especially the drag adjustment part. The analysis brought by the inherent short flue, three-way air intake and two-stage atomization chamber itself is already good. It can be easily erected to 3.5mm circle diameter filament or 2.0 plain filament and acquired inner air intake kit to extend its world to a broad sea and sky in one breath.

Vapefly has actually delivered beautiful results with Holic. It is defined as an MTL atomizer, but the maximum air intake reaches light lung suction and is still very suitable for general oil products. It requires a large amount of vaporization and a high resistance value. Analysis, it can all be satisfied.
Holic is a good choice for you who are still hovering on the boundary between big smok and small vape mods; for you who love small smoke but can’t give up the strong taste, Holic is a good choice; if you like moderate smoke and balanced analysis, Holic is a good choice Choice; in short, it is a good choice.

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

After opening the designed outer box, you can see Holic, cake ring, L-shaped and T-shaped screwdrivers, one or two Ni80 26ga 2.5mm 1 ohm coils, two V torches, numerous spare parts, manuals and Guangxuan small card; the main body can be disassembled into: 510 nozzle, outer cover and silk stand base.

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

Holic’s suction nozzle meets the three requirements of a good suction nozzle: the outer curve fits the lip shape, the inner flue is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and there is a small gap at the mouth, so whether it is condensation recovery, flue gas collection or touch good. There are three and six outer air intake holes on both sides of the outer cover, which can be switched to single or double air intake when rotating. There are six combinations for this part

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

This time, the Holic has a much simpler appearance, with no extra ornate decorations or patterns. There are only three grooves and a few dots that combine heat dissipation fins and increase friction. The outer cover is fixed with the base by the limit card slot, and the top of the warehouse cover is equipped with a two-stage dome to condense the flue gas and assist the condensation at the top to reflux and avoid the effect of flue gas inhalation.

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

The inside of Holic adopts three-way air intake with two horizontal channels and one vertical channel. The airflow can more completely act on the coil. Among them, the horizontal air intake can be directly buckled with a fingernail on the slightly convex inner air intake kit. The slot can be adjusted quickly and easily. When the internal air intake is fully opened, the maximum air intake is slightly looser than that of cigarettes.

The wire frame is followed by Galaxies, the lock wire hole is designed with chamfering and step difference, and there is a groove for placing the winding rod on the outer periphery of the base for the player to wire the wire without difficulty.

There is a wide oil storage space at the bottom of the atomizer. This is a common design for RDA that is compatible with ordinary liquid oil and salt oil. However, because Holic has a large pore size for placing cotton, if it is stored full , Be careful not to dump it when carrying it out, or you can improve the stability by closing the pores.

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA

I spend some extra space here to bring a thoughtful point. The O-Ring included with Holic is considered to be a bit more in terms of RDA. In addition to the common nozzles and hoods, the positive screw and inner air intake kit also have O-Rings. Improve the leakproofness and stability. At the same time, the attached positive/ante screw or air intake kit spare parts are already installed with O-Ring. In other words, players do not need to spend time studying where these small O-Rings should be installed or Install it by yourself, and there are more spare parts to be replaced after they are lost or broken.

Here is also a simple comparison with Galaxies. Basically, the flue lengths of the two are similar, and many friendly designs are retained. The main evolution of Holic lies in the adjustment of the internal air intake, the increase in the direction of airflow and the two sections. Analytical improvement brought by the dome.

At the end of the article, the characteristics are summarized as follows:
. If the draw resistance is divided into 1~11 from high to low, it is in the range of 1~5.
. The analysis is a very strong and balanced style.
. The two-stage dome and the three-way air intake have improved the resolution.
. The included cake ring can effectively prevent condensation at the bottom and improve heat insulation.
. The adjustment range of air intake is very, very wide, and at the same time more convenient.
. Many settings of the wire rack and base are convenient for wire racking.
. The oil storage space at the bottom has increased again, and it has good battery life without cooperating with the BF host.
. The tenon design of the outer cover and the base is easy to install and remove.

There are also some designs that are difficult to define:
. The ability to prevent side oil spills is reduced, but basically there is not much condensation here. When filling oil, you must avoid from above the coil.
. Such a structure where the cover is directly flush with the lower end of the base is difficult to prevent condensation accumulation on the lower edge, so if the cake ring is not installed, remember to vacuum after use.

The above is the VapeFly Holic MTL RDA, I hope you can understand its characteristics, and thank you for your support.