The beauty between touches: Syiko SE Pod touch screen pod experience

By | 2020-11-13
Syiko SE Pod

Modern people’s lives are full of various digital products. Mobile phones have evolved from buttons to touch screens, with larger and larger screens. Electronic cigarettes have evolved from the original mechanical levers to pressure/temperature control boxes, and the display screens have become more and more popular. After adding the chip, the small and small cigarette devices also introduced a large touch screen, which is the SE Pod of Syiko.


Syiko SE Pod


Syiko SE Pod

The most prominent feature of the host is the 2-inch touch screen. Among the small cigarette devices, the absolutely large screen indicates that this is a highly digitalized small cigarette device. The battery capacity of the main unit is 650mAh, and the battery life is no problem for 1 day, but there is naturally a power saving method for such a large screen. 15 seconds of no operation, the screen will automatically turn off, and the ignition and pumping will continue. key. If the suction interval exceeds 1 hour, the host will automatically shut down.

Syiko SE Pod

The back of the main unit is made of plastic, which is non-slip and wear-resistant. On the right side of the fuselage is the ignition button,
Press the ignition key five times to turn on. The P piece on the left is the lock key. When pumping, when the ignition button is pressed, the host will automatically lock. The interface design of SEPod is very cool, the color matching is also very beautiful, and the display information is very rich.

Syiko SE Pod

SEPod includes two output modes: power and temperature control. In either mode, click on the screen to adjust the output. In power mode, soft (2.5v)-normal (2.9v)-strong (3.3v), in temperature control mode, 400-450-500, all are 3.3v and then cycle. . . Slide the interface horizontally with your finger to switch between power and temperature control modes.

Smoke bomb

Syiko SE Pod

The capacity of the cartridge is 2ml, and the heating function adopts heating wire + cotton method. The nozzle of the cartridge is flattened to fit the mouth shape. The cartridge has round holes on both sides of the shoulder, but only one side is the air inlet.
The air outlet looks quite large, but the top of the airway inside the cartridge is actually contracted. From the air outlet, you can see the loose heating wire.
The heating wire is double wire wound in parallel, with a resistance of 1 ohm, and the taste will be relatively strong. The two contacts at the bottom of the cartridge are made very large, and only two small spring contacts are seen in the main unit. Around the spring contacts, it is actually a magnet that directly attracts the contacts at the bottom of the cartridge. The magnetic force is enough to ensure a stable connection of the cartridge.
The cartridge is oil-filled, and the bottom is closed with a silicone plug. The one-piece silicone plug has two apron-like designs, which are very effective in ensuring airtightness!


Syiko SE Pod

The suction resistance of the SE Pod is medium, not very compact, but mouth suction is completely okay. The resistance of 1 ohm is lower than that of ordinary small cigarette devices, but under the co-evaporation of the two strands of silk, the smoke concentration in the mouth is very high. Enough, the cartridge is in your mouth, so you don’t need to inhale it, you feel the smoke rushing straight into your mouth.
Therefore, the amount of smoke in each mouthful is also very full. When sucking,

The middle of the touch screen will display the suction time and record the number of suction mouths. Such a large screen does not need to be used in vain. For the three-speed output in the power mode, the personal feeling is quite different. At least in the fruity flavor of pineapple ice, the amount of smoke in the soft mode is slightly smaller, and it seems a little empty, while in the strong mode, the suction time is slightly Long, more than 3s, it feels a bit too late, so use the normal mode more. . . .

For the temperature control mode, I haven’t used it much on the box, but the taste at the three temperatures is quite different. It may be that some compound flavored e-liquids have different performance at different temperatures.

In general, Syiko SE Pod is a very digital pod device. The 2-inch touch screen is colorful, and the operation mode of “dot” and “scratch” is convenient and trendy, although the heating element does not use honeycomb ceramics. Waiting for the black technology, but the output of the twin wires are wound to ensure the dense smoke and rich taste. The two modes of power and temperature control also provide more ways to play.For more information, please go to