SMOANT-KARAT Small Vape Evaluation: “Keep Improving”

By | 2020-11-23

For many players who have just entered the field of e-cigarettes, they have more or less heard of Cleipeng’s name! A brand that endorses the title of “a must for beginners”! Cleipeng has always occupied a large share of the electronic cigarette market with excellent workmanship and intimate prices! The S8 pod, which was launched in 2018, has been affirmed by many players! Towards the end, a new model-KARTA Quartz Core Cigarette was launched!

KARAT uses white packaging as the main color, with color renderings of the host as the cover of the packaging! The color of each console is marked in the upper right corner. There are five official colors to choose from! With the KARAT host name in the lower left corner!

In the form of heaven and earth cover, the KARAT host received this time is in rainbow colors, and the entire host is painted in bright and bright colors! Excellent texture with gradation!


The appearance of the KARAT small cigarette is like the name “Carat”, with a line shape like a diamond cutting process! The appearance of the main engine is clear and sharp, and the tough appearance gives a solid sense of craftsmanship! The color has a very high level of gradation!

KARAT size: 884812mm, the whole is made of zinc alloy, and the body is frosted and painted! Small size, flat body fits tightly on the hand, built-in 370mAh capacity battery, which provides one day of battery life!

A diamond-shaped logo with the KARAT name and an LED indicator is used in the middle of the fuselage, but it is not where the ignition button is! KARAT uses an air switch to suck and ignite!


KARAT uses the traditional method of magnets to absorb the cartridges! The air switch inlet is visible between the two gold-plated electrodes!

The lower part of the KARAT host is the USB charging interface, and you can see that the color transition of the inkjet process used by the host is excellent! And the lines are full!

There are two lanyard holes reserved at the bottom of the main unit, and you can hang them on your neck as accessories with your favorite lanyard!

KARAT’s cartridges are made of PC material and are cut to fit the shape of the host! Adopting a fully transparent form! Convenience and observation capacity! The capacity is 2ML, and the resistance is 1.3Ω! The atomization core adopts the current relatively fresh quartz core as the main product! When the dripping mouth is gathered in a straight line, it will bring a better touch to the lips at the same time! It also makes the taste richer! Better presentation of high reduction of mouth suction! Two magnets corresponding to the host are used at the bottom, with two small air inlet holes in the middle! And gold-plated electrodes! A large piece of soft cushion at the bottom is a silicone plug, one side is filled with oil, and the other side is pressure relieved, so that the oil will not be afraid of overflow when filling the oil, which is more convenient than the S8 single hole!

The highlight of KARAT is that it uses a quartz core, which is a kind of ceramic core, but the absorption capacity and heat conduction method of the quartz core is better than the ceramic core, and the taste is more delicate! The honeycomb quartz core is adsorbed in thousands of tiny holes when the smoke oil enters and then heated and atomized! Achieve the effect of gathering!



KARAT’s appearance is my favorite pod in 18 years! The overall feel can be said that there will be no feeling of rest on the hand! And the hand can wrap the whole host! With the mellow performance of S8, I prefer the feel that KARAT brings to me! KARAT’s suction resistance is relatively tight, so I am a little uncomfortable for me who is used to lung suction! But it does not hinder its excellent taste reduction! Matching with e-liquid with appropriate nicotine salt content is enough to achieve the taste of addiction! More check