“Simplify the complex” DRUGA-Narada Cigarette Reviews

By | 2020-11-11

I believe that the old players who are accustomed to the big smoke of DRUGA Druga will not be unfamiliar, and today I bring you this new DRUGA Druga-Narada pod host! Narada upholds the consistent minimalist aesthetics of the previous Foxy quick release box, even novices can easily control it, and better enjoy the extreme speed and violent smoke experience! How to make it simple?


The Narada package uses a cardboard box with eye-catching lines as the main visual. The cover of the box has a large Druga iconic LOGO, with the word DRUGA-Narada in the lower left corner. Narada currently offers three colors, red leather, carbon brazing, and black PC. More colors and combinations will be launched in the future!

Item list: Narada host, oil tank, two finished coils (0.5Ω and 0.6Ω), rubber air hole plug, TYPE-C data cable integrated lanyard, manual, maintenance card.

Narada body with drip nozzle size: 853719mm, weighs 129g, made of zinc alloy + PCTG! The front of Narada is dominated by a carbon fiber panel, and the periphery is made of black painted aluminum alloy! Round and chamfered on all four sides! Comfortable grip, comfortable lacquer, no slippery hands, no feeling of resting your hands! Equipped with a TYPE-C fast charging interface in the lower right corner!
The square visible oil tank frame on the upper left is accompanied by the words DRUGA, which is intuitive to pump the remaining oil! The drip nozzle uses a 510 universal drip nozzle!
The entire body also inherits the concise form of Foxy mod. The body has no screen, no air flow control ring, and no other buttons except the ignition button!
A rectangular airflow slot is set on the side of Narada, and the long and wide airflow slot is configured for violent smoke!


There are 10 circular pressure relief holes at the bottom of Narada! The bottom is also the place to open the back panel! Rounded chamfers on both sides are comfortable!
The Narada oil tank has a capacity of 2.8ML and uses transparent PTCG as a whole, showing a square shape.
The front of the oil tank is engraved with the DRUGA LOGO, and the internal structure can be clearly seen in the entire transparent oil tank.
The back of the oil tank uses a blue silicone plug as the oil filling port, and the huge oil filling port is compatible with the oil bottle directly inserted into the oil!
The top of the oil tank is also the focus of this! There are five air holes on the top of the oil tank, and the amount of air intake can be adjusted according to the matched independent silicone plug! One, two, four! Provides a different taste experience!


Narada is equipped with two atomizing cores, 0.5Ω vertical coil and 0.6Ω mesh coil! For DIY, novice friends can also use it portable!
In order to cater to the fun of old players, Narada is equipped with RBA components. High-end players use DIY cores to form a combination of different resistance and different suction resistance to achieve a different taste experience! Greatly improved the playability of Narada! RBA accessories list: Narada oil tank, reel base, screwdriver, DIY core, 1Ω alloy coil in a box!
As an old player, Narada pod is equipped with RBA components to facilitate DIY and improve its playability! The small one-piece body is equipped with a 1100 mAh battery with strong endurance! The degree of reduction is in place and the taste is comfortable! The amount of smoke coming out is no less than the outbreak brought by the box! Also suitable for players to spit circle fancy! The fuselage is excellent in workmanship, and the lanyard type TYPE-C data cable is equipped with the ability to control the details of DRUGA~