Simple and Portable: Arctic Dolphoin Ante Box Evaluation

By | 2020-12-07
Arctic Dolphoin Ante Box
  1. Packaging
    A transparent plastic box, perhaps acrylic. You can see the ante box directly. There are transparent plastic stickers on both ends for worry-free handling.
Arctic Dolphoin Ante Box

The bottom of the box is printed with trademarks and other signs, and the black side cover has a small pinch window. The big ignition button, turn left to unlock, right turn to lock. For mechanical boxes, this is still very important. There is a 510 port on the top. Some friends say that the positive screw is relatively lower and needs to be screwed up a bit. I don’t need to screw it.

Both side panels can be removed. Simply pull out the oil storage tank. Unscrew the stainless steel fitting screw on the top to unscrew the oil storage tank for easy oil filling.

Arctic Dolphoin Ante Box

This is a rabies atomizer, double-headed 4-core clapton, 0.15 ohm resistor, also look at the resistor from the regulator box first, and then install the mechanical box. This box is not big. This is a comparison with the second suction box. The single battery is really small, comfortable to hold, and very light to hold.

The arctic dolphin with the atomizer and the battery is not as good as the atomizer without the atomizer. The second suction box of the battery is even lighter. The box has a single power supply. Although it is directly supplied, I think the explosive power is almost too, but after the ignition, the continuous power is OK. Two atomizers with different resistances are obviously smoother for a single shot, but the amount of smoke for a single shot is slightly smaller; the burst of two shots is slower, but the smoke is better in the continuous phase.

Arctic Dolphoin Ante Box

Summary highlights
1. Small and light. As mentioned earlier, it is not big, light, and comfortable to hold.
2. Simple and direct. Mechanical equipment, in fact, are some electrical conductors connected together. It is indeed very simple. There is a button, and it stops when you let go.
3. The switch has a lock, which is not bad to prevent accidental contact fire when it is carried in a bag, pocket, or card slot on the car for a long time. My regulator box was pressed by the edge of the car’s storage compartment and I didn’t find it until 10 seconds after it was powered off to protect it.
Summary slot
1. The mechanical box itself does not have chip protection. This is understandable, but I am always worried because I am too careless.
2. The box has only one oil storage tank. If you need to change the oil, you need to flush it. It is very inconvenient. Just send one more.
3. With the current ante bet everywhere, no matter from the shape to the material to the characteristics, there is no obvious highlight.
4. The battery compartment is too tight, and it takes a little effort to load and unload the battery.

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