[Play with fog without losing wisdom] Freecool N800-Subvert the traditional oil core separation structure

By | 2020-11-12

As we all know, the problem of oil spills has always been the focus of consumer criticism in the small cigarette industry

The hardware structure is one aspect, and the quality of all kinds of small cigarettes is uneven

What’s more, when consumers have not used them, they will leak a mess.

So, is there a small cigarette that can solve the embarrassment of oil leakage to a greater extent?

Let us approach Freecool N800 to find out

Freecool N800

The outer packaging adopts a horizontal drawing box, the outer color is white and the inner color is white.

The color of the external pull box is the same color as the actual object. The test product obtained this time is red under glaze

Positive description of product name, model, color, concentration, and cartridge taste, simple and intuitive
Side anti-counterfeiting mark, barcode and shelf life

The overall simple style is slightly trendy

The traditional world cover, shockproof foam all-round wrap, white background against the colorful body debut

The inner room is divided into upper and lower layers, and the lower layer is separated by a closed cover, which is very creative

Freecool N800
Product list: host, data cable, manual, two free cigarette cartridges
The flavors are European style purple berry and Thai summer mango

Different from many anodized surface treatment processes, N800 adopts a smooth glass surface, which is smooth to the touch, and has a carbon fiber grid inside, which shines under the light and has a good look.

Surprisingly, the surface of such a glass texture does not leave any fingerprints, and the workmanship is exquisite

After more than 300 hours of fine polishing and hundreds of craftsmanship, Guan Xuan is truly stunning

The upper half of the micro-hole indicator light, the lower half is printed with a shiny metallic brand LOGO

Freecool N800

Universal Android charging port at the bottom, data cable everywhere, so that battery life is effectively guaranteed

The whole machine has a streamlined shape, and the edge R angle is excessive, which is smooth and full

China Red divides the red underglaze into two, with a distinct sense of hierarchy

The metal-textured cartridge slot has not been modified more. The raised double electrodes, the air switch induction pores, and the condensation groove have a clear structure.

It is worth mentioning that this structure is different from many small cigarettes. It allows a certain amount of condensation to accumulate in the tank without affecting the normal operation of the small cigarettes.

The cartridge and the cigarette rod are connected by non-magnetic suction plugging, which is tightly combined

When combined with the small smoke, the air intake system forms a U-shaped air flow channel from the reserved holes on both sides “side turning to the bottom” to increase the air intake, and cooperate with the dual core of the smoke bomb to ensure the full atomization of the smoke oil.

Freecool N800

In addition to the external tin foil plastic packaging, the cartridge is additionally equipped with a plastic protective sleeve, and prompts the user to use it correctly.

The e-liquid can be kept fresh to a greater degree and is not suitable for volatilization in daily use, and is dust-proof and leak-proof

The use of the cartridge is very simple, just push the electrode part completely to the top, parallel to the base, and place it for a few minutes to allow the core to fully absorb oil.

This subversion of the traditional oil core separation structure perfectly solves the oil leakage caused by transportation bumps, ambient temperature, and smoke bomb negative pressure.

After pushing the core to be parallel to the base, the oil suction hole is exposed. It can be seen that the hole is almost parallel to the bottom

The aperture is still relatively large, which can ensure the smoothness of the oil conduction for the evaporation of the dual-engine core

The contact area of the bottom double electrode is still relatively large, effectively avoiding the occurrence of poor contact and other phenomena

The middle part is shaped as a whole, connecting the electrode and the core part closely

It is also designed with a horizontal groove, which cooperates with the host cartridge slot structure to ensure the air intake and at the same time play the role of draining condensate

The airflow passes through the U-shaped channel directly to the bottom of the cartridge, and penetrates vertically into the mouth

The straight-through bottom air intake structure can ensure a strong and powerful air flow. With the dual-engine core, the atomization will be more sufficient

Freecool N800

The flat nozzle is more ergonomic, comfortable entrance, and perfectly fits the lip shape

A funnel-type condensing reflux structure is designed on the top to reduce the probability of condensation inlet

Combination of cartridge and host, classic red and black match, beautiful and generous

The core of the propelling cartridge is matched with the host, and it is more flexible and changeable.

The suction resistance of the original machine is between mouth suction and light lung suction

If you like tighter suction resistance, you can stick to the main air intake holes on both sides, and the airflow will enter from the joint gap.

If you like MTL-style light lung suction, you can leave a small part outside while pushing the core to make room for more airflow.

The cartridge uses different colors of silicone plugs to distinguish different flavors of cartridges

This time I received five of the seven flavors of the whole series

In addition to the European style purple berry and Thai summer mango, there are also Australian mint, mint smoothie, lychee smoothie

Since the nicotine concentration of all the series is 5%, the strong throat sensation and the upper level are all tested in a short time, I am afraid the body can not bear it.

Randomly tested two

Lychee Smoothie: slightly sweet in the mouth, moderately cool, fresh and natural, with a pleasant faint fruit fragrance

European style purple berry: the taste is sweet and sour, the coolness is moderate, the unique taste of berries, which makes people hydrated and quenches thirst, is still relatively delicious

Generally speaking, the smoke oil tastes fresh and natural, even smoking will not make people feel sweet, but after all, the concentration of 5% is really daunting

Comfortable grip, superb surface treatment technology, full atomization experience with dual-engine core, high battery life guarantee, etc. The overall performance is still very satisfactory

The most important thing is that this push-type oil core separation structure really effectively controls oil leakage and improves the user experience with a better quality.For more information, please go to www.vapeciga.com