FreeMaX “Ceramic Core” Finished Atomizer Evaluation

FreeMaX finished product atomizer box contents (atomizer, spare core, spare glass warehouse, spare rubber ring, manual); atomizer body (25mm diameter) Atomizing core (two resistance values of 0.5 and 0.25, there are recommended wattages if you look carefully)Features: Larger shape There is no oil leakage, even if you pump half of the gas and want to… Read More »

SXK version KF MINI V3

Screwdriver, accessory kit, as well as acrylic bin and forcing ring A small box is also good, one big and one small are just right Good workmanship of oil filling and oil guide holes The glass on the left, the corners are chamfered, and the acrylic edge on the right is flat cut The insulation… Read More »

SMART NaNo 60W Vape review

Test this SMART NaNo 60W temperature control host, which is manufactured by Shenzhen Lvyuanteng and belongs to the V2 brand. Unpacked family portrait: SMART NaNo 60W host, charging data cable, and a double-sided bilingual product manual. The main unit of SMART NaNo 60W is made of space aluminum. SMART NANO’s circular LOGO is sprayed on… Read More »

IJOY 215W temperature control Vape: large body, long battery life, large battery

When we want to have a long battery life when choosing a host, we inevitably need more space to store a large-capacity battery. How to determine an appropriate degree between size and battery life is a headache for many manufacturers. The current e-cigarette hosts on the market generally have low battery life. Similar to mobile… Read More »