Overall ECOM D19 Experience Sharing

By | 2020-12-04
Overall ECOM D19

Warning card, manual, warranty card, and charging cable, as well as rubber ring and spare atomizing core.

Overall ECOM D19

The atomizer can be divided into six small parts of the drip nozzle and the top cover as a whole, the oil injection ring, the atomization core, the glass chamber, the air intake adjustment ring, and the base.

Overall ECOM D19

The host size is 118mm*19mm, which is very compact. But in addition to the use of the kit atomizer, the 19mm atomizer on the market is basically dead.

There are two modes corresponding to D19, and the mode can be changed by pressing the ignition key for 5 times in the shutdown state.

The two modes correspond to two atomizing cores. The 0.5Ω atomizing core uses the white light in the smoke mode, and the 1.2Ω atomizing core uses the orange light in the taste mode.

Overall ECOM D19

Summary: The whole is small and easy to carry around. For people like me who travel a lot, I really have nothing to say.

It is also a good choice for newcomers who are just starting to enter the pit and want to take this to replace cigarettes. The 1.2 core can be used to suck 6mg or 12mg of oil by mouth.

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