“Nine in One Kuang” Nine Puffs Evaluation

By | 2020-11-20

For traditional atomized cigarettes, it does not contain tar and is not harmed by second-hand smoke, while meeting the needs of smokers! However, a certain amount of nicotine is involved when smoking atomized cigarettes! Unknowingly you will overdose! Bring nicotine dependence to the body! On the contrary, it violates the original intention of healthy smoking. The meaning of nine puffs is to “use nine puffs with a smoking device to get the best physical and psychological state” to open the free path of restraint—nine puffs.


The nine-puff package uses a white hard paper shell to match the appearance of the nine-puff host, which replaces cigarettes and relieves addiction. Just nine puffs! A circle of hollow nine-port LOGO in the upper left corner.
The inside of the nine mouths uses grooves to fix the cartridges, and each cartridge flavor is marked and distinguished by different colors. The silver host is also in the side groove. There are many warm reminders around!

Item list: nine cigarette sticks, cartridges (classic tobacco, mango smoothie, blueberry pop beads), manual, USB charging cable, LOGO certificate.
【Smoke stick body】

The nine-puff rods I made this time are space silver, in addition to rose gold and deep space gray to choose from! Size: 85.7289.8MM silver shaft with metal texture, with an LED indicator in the middle, which shows the breathing light is always on when charging. Equipped with a unique nine-port LOGO, battery capacity: 350mAh, power output: 6.5W, maximum output: 3A There is also a USB charging port at the bottom. The inside of the cigarette stick uses a strong magnetic adsorption cartridge. On both sides, there is a gold-plated electric shock in the middle of the strong magnet, and there is an air inlet next to the strong magnet.

vape coil

The oil core separation technology is adopted. Before use, pull the silicone rope issued by the cartridge and let it stand for one minute. This is to avoid the oxidation of the smoke liquid and the air, which will affect the taste, and the leakage of liquid during transportation!
The composition of the smoke bomb is basically based on the transparent oil tank! Better observe the use of smoke oil. The rounded shape of the cartridge is in contrast to the cigarette rod! The internal flue is elongated and tightened. Smoke bomb oil tank capacity: 1.3ML, heating wire resistance: 1.8Ω-2.0Ω, number of flue openings: 400-500, nicotine content: 3%/5%.
Although the nine-puffed cigarette is not too eye-catching in its shape, it does not hinder its high-quality performance! A good cigarette should not only focus on the appearance, but should also explore its intentions! Jiukou really uses actions to tell us that we are serious about replacing cigarettes reasonably! Selling is not just a product but an attitude! www.vapeciga.com