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By | 2020-11-16
iPV V3 Mini POD

The V3 Mini’s battery capacity is 1400mAh, and the measured charging speed is 0.9A. The total oil storage capacity of the oil bottle and atomizer is 3.5ml. The oil is automatically fed into the atomizer above. Since it is a main engine with a temperature control of 180-260℃ and a two-stage adjustment of the output power range, the fuel supply is also one of the parameters that players can customize. Adjust the fuel output from 15-60. This achieves iPV’s goal of expecting one mouthful after another.
The Yihai SX635J chip used has many additional auxiliary functions, which can detect whether the atomizer is insufficiently fueled, and stop firing and start fuel supply; determine the Elf ADA coil material used and change the output power, and Additional basic protection functions such as overheating and short circuit prevention.

I find the positioning of the iPV V3 Mini quite interesting. It seems to be designed for medium and high concentration salt oil, but the accompanying Elf ADA is a 0.3Ω nickel-manganese alloy coil for 12NS or 3\6MG oil. It seems to be telling the player whether Ding salt or Ding liquid has its beauty. But I still strongly recommend not to use 30NS or above oil on the attached 0.3Ω Elf ADA. I am already considered a player with heavier taste, but even if the set temperature and power are adjusted to the lowest level, it will bake The vapor is still very strong.

I tested the 0.3Ω nickel-manganese coil with two 3MG oils of Sprint coconut milk and triple mango. The setting temperature is mostly 210-240℃, and the intensity is P1. This situation gives me the feeling that it is moderate and strong. I also experienced the feeling of 260℃ and P2 for a short time, but the excessively intense output and temperature are not suitable for the oil I use.
The 1.0Ω SS316 coil is quite soft, even at 260℃ and P2, the steam does not bring much temperature. This part is tested by Sour Power, Tea Time of fruit and tea and The Custard Shoppe of milk. The tone is slightly simple The oil product can directly enjoy the pure refreshment with a strong output, but I recommend using a variety of oil products, and use the P1 output of 240℃ to feel the slightly different aroma during the slow heating process.

iPV V3 Mini POD

V3 is mostly designed with a black body and colored decorative plates. I chose Texture T1 which looks like church stained glass and a lot of blue elements Magical M3 that I like. It corresponds to different styles. The printing process and surface materials of the decorative plates are also different. , T1 has three-dimensional reliefs at the junction of each color block, and the hand feels with a little leather friction; M3 is a fine printed and smooth plastic texture, each with its own beauty.
The weight is slightly heavier, but considering the large power and the unique electric motor, it is still acceptable and reasonable. There are only a small screen, a firing button and two adjustment buttons on the side. The complexity of the operation is between that of a normal cigarette and a pressure regulating box: press three times to enter the lock function, press five times to fire as the setting interface, and usually fire The motor will supply oil at the same time. After releasing the firing, short press the adjusting button to determine the oil supply amount and long press for manual oil supply and suction.
However, the adjustment of fuel volume and fuel input/rejection need to be effective when the screen is on, and after entering the setting interface, it takes five seconds to wait for no action before leaving. Long pressing the trigger button is invalid, and the screen is locked and set The number of keys can be reversed to facilitate operation. These are the areas I think can be improved.

In general use, the information displayed on the screen is only power, set temperature and output interval. Short press five times to enter the setting interface to adjust the temperature, change the temperature unit and choose between two output intervals. V3 will detect the type of coil installed in Elf ADA, and automatically match the power of the two output ranges of P1\P2, facing the 0.3Ω Ni-Mn (nickel manganese) alloy coil, the power of P1 is 12-15W, and the power of P2 is It is 22-25W; 1.0Ω SS316 coil is 6-8W\10.5-12.5W respectively.

iPV V3 Mini POD

From the outside, the Elf ADA with a diameter of only 14mm is similar to many RDA structures. It uses stepless rotation to control the side air intake holes. The maximum air intake resistance is similar to that of paper cigarettes. It is not removable. Cangzao also comes with a small dome. Whether it is 316 or Ni-Mn alloy inside, it is made of sparsely wound coils. In terms of the structure of the small warehouse, it can achieve the advantages of less scorching and faster heat dissipation, which is a very reasonable configuration. .
It is a pity that the port of Elf ADA is slightly smaller than the general 510, so V3 can only be applied to the special Elf ADA.

iPV V3 Mini POD

In order to match the lines of the fuselage, the oil bottle is equipped with a bevel at the bottom. This structure also helps to ensure that the residual oil at the bottom can be completely extracted. When the oil is sucked or discharged, it is used for a small amount of air to enter and exit. Although the aperture of the channel is not large, the smoke liquid is not easy to leak out under the effect of air pressure, but the long-term side or upside down cannot be completely avoided. Pay a little attention, and remember not to let the oil volume higher than the indicator line of the bottle when refilling the e-liquid.

iPV V3 Mini POD

The most essential design of the V3 is its many oil quantity detection and control systems. Through the oil path at the bottom of the oil bottle, a customizable oil quantity is automatically introduced with each firing process. If you want to carry it out Using or enjoying the large amount of smoke fired under continuous high temperature can also manually suck and inject oil, and when the amount of oil on the coil is reduced or there is no oil, the system will also stop firing and provide additional fuel.