IJOY 215W temperature control Vape: large body, long battery life, large battery

By | 2020-12-11

When we want to have a long battery life when choosing a host, we inevitably need more space to store a large-capacity battery. How to determine an appropriate degree between size and battery life is a headache for many manufacturers.

The current e-cigarette hosts on the market generally have low battery life. Similar to mobile phone consumers, this battery life is the pain point of most consumers. Let’s take a look at how IJOY’s 215W balances this battery life and size.


The naming method of the 26650 battery depends on the size. . . 26 refers to the diameter and 650 refers to the height. The diameter of 26650 is 8 mm wider than the commonly used 18650, and it is thicker than one circle! Although the height is the same, the increased diameter makes the 26650 look like two 18650s!

IJOY 215W installed two 26650s, in order to maintain a more comfortable grip, I chose to sacrifice the height. In the previous picture, you can see that the screen is at the top, in fact, the entire chip module is under the top cover.

The height of IJOY 215W has reached 101.7mm, thickness 30.7mm and width 57.9mm. When two 26650s are installed, this thickness and width are both acceptable, but the height is indeed higher.


It is a little more than 10mm higher than the ordinary 18650 box, but the width is actually 4mm shorter than that of the NEW BEAST. As mentioned earlier, the width and thickness will not feel laborious to hold in the hand, but the weight is a little heavy! After all, 2 26650!


The replacement of the casing is very simple. There is a magnet at the bottom of the casing. The whole casing is attracted to the bottom of the main body by this magnet. The magnetic force is very strong and it will not loosen during use.


After the new machine is disassembled, there are 2 sleeves and 2 soft foam pads in the battery position. The sleeves can be left and the pads can be thrown away. . . This sleeve is used to install the 18650 battery kit. It is quite considerate. Players generally rarely have 26650 stock in their hands, but most people have a lot of 18650. If the battery runs out, you won’t be sleepy. What to do? It’s okay. Put on the 18650 kit and use the 18650 to continue pumping

[This is a reminder that you must use 2 batteries before you can use it. IJOY 215W uses a dual-battery series connection mode. It does not support single battery use or line charging]


There is an icon inside the battery compartment to indicate the orientation of the battery. I personally think it is possible to install the battery in the top or slide-in mode with the elastic electrode at the bottom, so that the overall height can be lowered a little bit!


How to use the 18650 kit, pay attention to the direction of the positive and negative poles when using it, don’t make a mistake


Five times to turn on and five times to turn off has become the correct way to turn on the electronic cigarette. Press three times to enter the menu when it is turned on. The plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen are responsible for switching the menu.

Functions corresponding to menu icons

N nickel wire temperature control
T Titanium wire temperature control
S stainless steel wire temperature control

The second row of icons is the first from the left

P power mode
The icon in the middle of the second row represents the rotating screen
The third from the left in the second row is the mode selection

Enter the mode selection see the picture below

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