Hellvape Rabbit 2.5 Inch Vaporizers Review

By | 2021-09-26

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA air pump is one of the more advanced mouthpiece RDA’s on the market. It has all the things a mouthpiece should have, such as a high quality build, amazing performance, and top of the line performance. But this is nothing new for this mouthpiece. The Hellvape brand has been around since 1998.

dead rabbit v2

If you want to change your normal drippy e juice bottle then the best option for you would be to get the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA. This device comes with an advanced electronic pump that controls the flow of your e liquid through the included medium. When the airflow control is engaged (set at 100%) the pump will move the liquid through the preloaded silicone mold from where it is manufactured. Once the mold is filled, the air will push through the tiny holes inside and push out the fluid into your fruiting glass. You can pour your dead rabbit rda in this way and enjoy fresh fruity drinks anytime you want to.

One of the features that makes the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 so cool is its unique and advance airflow design. This unit has a unique and advanced doublewalled inlet that features a honeycomb design. In order to release the vapor, all you have to do is to simply turn off the airflow and shake the bottle very gently. The way this air flows is through two holes in the top of the tank that are covered by the original dead rabbit v2 24mm diameter dual-sided rectangular air cutouts.

The innovative and cool new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 double walled inlet can be adjusted to accommodate most modulating modulators such as the wattage control, Temperature control and the vapor output. Adjusting the airflow can be done with three concentric grooves in the inner walls of the reservoir. Each of these slots can house a different wattage setting. On a side note, even if you end up not changing anything in these three locations there is still an adjustment to be made. The three slots are slanted downward and one of them will house the temperature setting while the other two are positioned upward.

Just like the original dead rabbit v2, the newer version also features a standard positive pin connector. That means you can utilize all the same features that the original version has such as the adjustable airflow, temperature control and the vapor outputs. However, in this case, the upgrade version comes with a deluxe airflow control plate instead of the standard positive pin connector. I guess you could call it a bonus. Plus, with the deluxe plate, you are able to use both standard positive pin connectors and the updated version’s optional BB squonk 510 pin included with the product.

In addition to the standard positive pin connectors, there are also single-coil airbox designs. With the original dead rabbit kit you had to use a larger sized coil and get a lot of coils to accommodate your mods. But with the single coil airflow systems you only need one single coil that feeds into a standard positive pin connector. These single-coil systems are able to provide super strong airflow without having to sacrifice the amount of room you have to house your mod in.

There are two major additions to the Dead Rabbit 2.5″ v2 that set it apart from the original. One of those additions is a honeycomb airflow chamber at the bottom of the airbox. The honeycomb design can keep out intrusive air bubbles that might otherwise get in the way while you are smoking. Another major change is the large flat base of the unit. The tall vertical shaft now provides a stable platform for you to use a longer wire to feed the coils through.

While there may not be a ton of difference between the original version and the v2, there is one very important component that may have been changed from the original. A little known fact about the original version is that there was only one standard positive pressure, or PSI, that could be used with the Dead Rabbits. With the v2 you can now use two PSIs, which works great if you like to customize your own smoke clouds. I have also found that there is now a new thermal insulation plate that is included with your purchase that will help to keep your electronic components cool while you are building or working with them. This thermal insulation plate is a very thin piece of plastic attached to the front of your Hellvape vaporizer and can be removed and replaced easily.