FreeMaX “Ceramic Core” Finished Atomizer Evaluation

By | 2020-12-18

FreeMaX finished product atomizer box contents (atomizer, spare core, spare glass warehouse, spare rubber ring, manual); atomizer body (25mm diameter)


Atomizing core (two resistance values of 0.5 and 0.25, there are recommended wattages if you look carefully)

  1. Larger shape
  2. There is no oil leakage, even if you pump half of the gas and want to add oil, you can open it and add it directly, completely brainless
  3. The upper air intake, there is no condensation leakage, and I haven’t seen any body fluid overflow for a whole day.
  4. The upper air intake, the bottom heating is large, and the heat dissipation is quite slow
  5. The oil conduction is very smooth, with a certain speed, 100% VG, and even pumping is not blurred at all
  6. The wattage is about 50W, the smoke is warm and the taste is acceptable (0.5 core pushes according to the normal 4.2V, only 30 watts, the smoke is smaller than Nautilus)
  7. The ceramic of the atomization core does not participate in heating or oil conduction, and cannot be called a ceramic core in the true sense.
  8. The overall workmanship is good, but the top cover is locked and the bottom positive insulation layer protrudes.

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