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Laan lite vape

After unpacking, it can be seen that the box adopts a double-layer design, which is more like a lunch box. (The upper layer is for vegetables, the lower layer is for rice) The upper layer is the host of Shanlan Lite and the gift protective cover, and the lower layer is the charging cable, cigarette… Read More »

VapeFly Holic MTL RDA: See the glory of the Milky Way again

With extremely high degree of freedom of drag adjustment, ultra-easy wire frame, and basically leak-proof and anti-condensation side air intake system, Galaxies, which was launched in early 2018, has always been my favorite RDA, and it is also one of the lists I often recommend to friends.Holic is designed by Vapefly in collaboration with Japanese… Read More »

“Nine in One Kuang” Nine Puffs Evaluation

For traditional atomized cigarettes, it does not contain tar and is not harmed by second-hand smoke, while meeting the needs of smokers! However, a certain amount of nicotine is involved when smoking atomized cigarettes! Unknowingly you will overdose! Bring nicotine dependence to the body! On the contrary, it violates the original intention of healthy smoking.… Read More »

The beauty between touches: Syiko SE Pod touch screen pod experience

Modern people’s lives are full of various digital products. Mobile phones have evolved from buttons to touch screens, with larger and larger screens. Electronic cigarettes have evolved from the original mechanical levers to pressure/temperature control boxes, and the display screens have become more and more popular. After adding the chip, the small and small cigarette… Read More »

[Play with fog without losing wisdom] Freecool N800-Subvert the traditional oil core separation structure

As we all know, the problem of oil spills has always been the focus of consumer criticism in the small cigarette industry The hardware structure is one aspect, and the quality of all kinds of small cigarettes is uneven What’s more, when consumers have not used them, they will leak a mess. So, is there… Read More »