Asmodus BF Vape Kit [SPRUZZA & TONTE] Review

By | 2020-12-08

The box with the lid of the sky and the earth, made of hard paper, has two layers on the inside. The color and pattern can be viewed from the front perspective, which is convenient for offline purchase. The pattern of stable wood is unique, so it is best to choose it yourself.


Single hair accessories, spare rubber ring, spare screws, conventional electrode, hexagon wrench x2, filament x2


The left, middle and right are divided into three parts, the chip area, the fuel tank area, and the battery area. The chip has a micro USB interface that supports upgrades and charging.

The double-sided is a stable wood veneer, each has a different pattern, and there are three colors available: red, blue, and purple.

The two stable wood veneers are fixed to both sides of the fuselage by magnets. When they first arrive, the veneers are a little swayed, and they feel uneven and suspended.


[Oil storage tank] The design is novel and more advanced than the traditional oil storage bottle. The replenishing oil tank does not need to be disassembled, just open the glass door. The airtightness is no problem, and there is no oil leakage from the oil tank.

The feel of pressing down the lever is very good, and it is more comfortable than pressing the oil bottle. The oil storage capacity of six milliliters is not much. Fortunately, it is convenient to make up the warehouse.

I believe that many people are tired of squeezing out the e-liquid when touched by mistake. This fuel storage tank perfectly solves the problem of touch by mistake.


[Key + display] The switch is in a concave shape, and it is most comfortable to press with your fingers. Operation: 1 ignition, 3 locks. 5 switch the machine.

The touch screen reflects quickly without any delay. Swipe your finger from top to bottom to unlock the touch screen. Tap the number in the middle to adjust the power level. After unlocking: Swipe up and down to switch output intensity, and swipe left and right on the top to switch modes.

Power limit: 80W, ultra-low resistance is not recommended

Real-time calculation and display: voltage, resistance, electric quantity (the three items will be refreshed in real time during ignition)


[Atomizer] The atomizer can be decomposed into four parts, standard RDA structure, drip nozzle, top bin, outer bin, base, replaceable bottom electrode screws, conventional electrode & BF electrode, after fixing the outer bin, the top bin can be rotated Adjust the size of the air inlet.


[Drip nozzle] independent specifications, not 810 specifications, not common to other drip nozzles, internal funnel design, condensation reflux, reducing the probability of inlet. The bottom dome design is matched with the top bin to enhance the gathering effect

Touch: The surface is round and smooth, and the lips are very comfortable to touch

[Top bin] The top heat sink design can effectively reduce the temperature and improve the experience of use. It will not burn your mouth during continuous pumping.

The height is low, the inner chamber is small, and the atomization space is compact. The top chamber and the bottom of the drip nozzle form a double dome structure. The smoke is gathered for the second time. With a small diameter drip nozzle, the smoke has a higher density under normal data.

[Base] The single-engine accessories are made of PEEK, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. The base is not flat, but is actually a curved surface. Please take a closer look. The center oil outlet has the highest level and the lowest edge. When placed horizontally, the smoke will flow from the center to the surroundings


[Output] 80W power, pushing 0.15 ohms is already the limit. Ultra-low resistance is not recommended. The battery will be very hard. Although there is chip protection, the life span will be reduced.

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