AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – Review

By | 2021-08-30

The company behind the creation of the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod has a very unique design. Not only do they create some of the best tasting and highest quality vapor products available, but they have incorporated a few features that really separate them from other companies. First, it is the first time that a vaporizer company has launched a Pod Mod that combines a flavor cartridge and a powerful heating element. Second, the company is primarily known for the unique flavor-filled and award-winning gum. Finally, the Geekvape AEGIS Boost is a bit different than their other vaporizer product, the Flute.

aegis boost pod mod

However, sticking to their tried-and-proven lines when it comes to design, it’s a bit different than the original aegis boost pod mod. The overall build quality is noticeably better than the original, but with a little more money, you can get a unit with a built-in battery. I personally prefer the built-in battery, but either way, the AEGIS Boost comes with a nice power brick that has a lot of built-in wires. You won’t find those wires on the bottom of your AEG, but they are located on the side and back of the unit. Just be sure to check your compatibility with the included charger and you’re good to go.

This is where the aegis boost breaks away from the pack a bit. While the flute was a well thought out, useful, and functional product, the fact that it required a hole in your pocket to ship to your home made it a weak link in the chain of quality AEGs. Luckily, AEGIS has taken steps to remedy this problem. They’ve included a quick start guide with the 40w kit that walks a user through the simple installation process, all while providing a detailed and complete user manual for any potential problems. So if there ever comes a point where you need help with the installation process or just want to read the manual, this is a great place to start.

This brings me to the point of battery longevity. The AEGis Boost Pod Mod only uses a standard size NiMh battery, which means it should last quite a while. I’ve seen units last up to a year without needing a recharge. But, if you’re not planning on using the AEGIS Series, or if you don’t like a lot of speed, the battery life won’t matter too much. In fact, I tend to run the AEGIS Series at a lower output power than what I use with the AEGi, so the pod Mod can run for a while between recharges. The power drain is minimal, so you’ll barely notice a drop-off in performance.

Speaking of performance, the AEGis Boost Pod Mod and its accompanying vandy vaporizer are built solidly, so they should last a long time. I also found that the two systems work well together. If you want a really small system that will fit in a pocket, the vandy mod is small enough to fit into a pocket, but will pack a strong punch.

One of the best things about the AEGis Boost Pod Mod is how it integrates with the other vaporizers manufactured by Geekvape. There are a handful of other companies that make a similar product, but none offer a neat and tidy integration like the aegis boost pod mod does. For example, the vaporizer integrates with vandy’s free vaping software program. The software automatically starts each vaping session when you power up the computer, so you never have to worry about stopping what you’re doing or wasting a minute trying to figure out how to get a vaped session started.

The AEGis Boost Pod Mod and vandy vaporizer really shine when compared to similar products on the market today. The AEGis Boost Pod Mod comes in a standard build quality package and has a pre-installed 0.4ohm coil. The pre-installed coil is a perfect match for the AEGIS system and allows for a completely custom setup that will work well with nearly any AEGi or Guitar model. The standard build quality is a little lacking compared to more expensive AEGi’s, but it’s a perfectly good value. If you’re looking for a high quality AEGi mod with a little less bling, then the geekvape aegis boost pod mod is a great choice.

With a little over a hundred dollars, the AEGis Boost Pod Mod is one of the most affordable digital mods out there. It also has a lot of features and is a great platform for a beginner or advanced AEG player. The ohm and watt meter is a very important feature of the AEGis Boost Pod Mod, and the ability to use both together is a must. Not only does the ohm meter to let a user know the power of their mod, but the wattage tells a user what type of atomizer or coil tool they are using. This is a very important feature that most every user should be considering with an AEGi.