AEGIS Boost – An Overview

By | 2021-08-16

The new generation vapers must have an AEGIS Boost on hand at all times. This unit utilizes the new technology of vapor compression. It’s a very unique unit that allows you to get a full flavor with only the second inhale. Vapor compression is a method that has been patented by VandyVape, and is the reason behind the AEGIS Boost.

aegis boost

The new vapor production system is a very simple one. You just mix the two coils together, and heat them up. Once heated, the aegis boost then compresses the melted wax and creates a very rich flavorful vapor. All you have to do is slowly inhale to get the rich flavor and smooth draw that every vaper wants from their favorite device.

The AEGIS Boost is ideal for any new user, whether you are a veteran user of vaping or a complete beginner. I got my aegis boost first off as a gift to myself from a friend, since he was impressed with the price and quality of the product. With the data compatibility, I am able to use the aegis boost with any of my mod at anytime. Also, the VandyVape website is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

There are a few things that I would like to point out about the AEGIS Boost. First, the battery life on this mod is phenomenal! The battery does not die in my aegis boost even when using it daily. Second, the adjustable airflow control lets me adjust the coolness of the air to my liking. The adjustable airflow control allows me to get a very nice flavor from my mod while maximizing battery life.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a pod kit, a silicone skin, a carrying case, and a velour sock. The pod kit will fit most standard sizes of batteries. The silicone skin will help protect your hands from damage while also helping you to see clearly when you are filling your tank. The carrying case will come in handy for storage and traveling.

The AEGIS Boost comes with two preloaded pods, a green pod and a blue pod. The green pod acts as a replacement for your standard or liquid. The blue pod is used for feeding the airflow through the body of the AEGis and provides a consistent flavor every time. This system also allows you to mix and match the flavors of your choice. This system is very easy to operate and a great starter or juice kit.

If you are a vaper that enjoys a steady stream of vapor then the AEGIS Boost may not be the right kit for you. The jackaroo vaporizer is a little more difficult to operate than the AEGis boost and does not offer the same flavor consistency. Both systems are compatible with a variety of tanks including the rebuildable ego tank. Some say the AEGis is superior to the jackaroo but that is subject to personal preference. Both systems will make you stand out in a crowd and provide you with a steady stream of vapor that will keep you going until your next refill!

The AEGIS Boost comes with a variety of coils to choose from to best suit your needs. For those that prefer a strong flavored e liquid the coils are made with a thicker wall to prevent sludge from building up. For a softer experience, the coils are designed to be more open and smooth for a more enjoyable experience. If you want to save money on the coils the aegis comes with two extra sets of non-stick coated coils that are included. The kit comes with three extra non-stick coated coils so you can change the flavor profile as often as you like and save money on the coils as well!